I love helping people when they need my skills. Whether they’re in pain, need to restore function, wish to enhance their smile, or are feeling anxious about their oral health, I am here and at their service.

Dental health is integral to overall body health, impacting a person’s physical and emotional wellness. When I’m able to help a person regain oral health, I know they are going to be happier and healthier. At the same time, I also know that some people feel apprehensive about seeking regular dental care, and that anxiety can lead to serious oral health issues.

It is my responsibility to help these individuals work through their fears, by providing a safe and non-judgmental space, and earning their trust. I want my patient family to know I am here to help them and will always put their safety, comfort, and wellbeing at the forefront.

~ Dr. John C. Carter

As a Dentist

Dr. Carter grew up in Roanoke and is honored to now be caring for the oral health of his hometown. Prior to practicing dentistry, he attended Virginia Tech for his undergraduate studies and then obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Virginia Commonwealth University-MCV. He has practiced dentistry since 1996.

A dedicated professional, Dr. Carter knows that dentistry, like all areas of healthcare, is constantly advancing. Through active continuing education with the American Dental Association – meetings, online courses, and seminars – he stays current on the latest improvements in technique and materials.

Constant learning ensures each of Dr. Carter’s patients receives proven, effective, and timely care, through evidence-based science and research. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his patients and regularly seeks out innovations that help people improve and maintain optimal oral health, comfortably and efficiently.

As a practitioner, Dr. Carter is attentive to each patient’s clinical needs and personal concerns. Rather than dictating certain procedures, he walks his patient through their diagnosis, discusses the pros and cons of treatment options, and helps guide the individual to making the decision that is right for their situation.

Beyond the Office

When not seeing patients, Dr. Carter can often be found enjoying time with his wife Megan, children Noah and Luke, and the family Boxer, Ziggy. He loves to bike, as well, along with running and playing golf.

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